Paul Elliston

Creative Director | Strategist

Paul has always liked taking sides. When he studied writing in his hometown of Winnipeg, he chose to major in advertising, a profession where taking sides is an asset. It’s something he has done many times over the next 20+ years…taking sides for Blue Cross and Cisco…being partial fro Proctor Gamble and Siku Vodka…he exercised this proclivity in shops large and small…DDB, Palmer Jarvis and Fosters, work appearing around the world and winning awards along the way. He’s played with narrative, from the short radio and tv spots to festival recognized films and songs that are deposited in the Canadian National Library. Tactical, emotional, formulaic anarchy…his approach is smart and chameleonesque but always centered on a big idea that can then get iterated in numerous ways across traditional, digital and unconventional media. Paul holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Manitoba and a Degree in Creative Communications Advertising from Red River College.

Responsibilities: Working with the client to develop a creative strategy that will best impact their target. Managing the creative team while also developing the branding guidelines of the client’s brand. Lead copywriter. Has years of experience overseeing advertising campaigns from strategy to finished production.