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Creative That Speaks To Your Audience, Building Loyalty And Love For Your Brand.

Our Advertising Philosophy

At Nemoi we believe that a well-thought strategy is a key to great advertising. Because your product or business is more than just a thing, it’s your passion, a passion that should speak to your core audience. What we do is help create that perfect brand identity that speaks to that target audience. Not only building a want for your product or business but a connection to it. A connection that will continue to grow building loyalty and love for your brand.

About Brooklyn
TV Commercial

Creative That Speaks To Your Audience


An online video (because video makes the web go round), this short video hits the highlights of the developers new environmentally focused LEEDS certified community — setting the tone for an innovative quality way of life.


Baseball’s spring training has an etherial quality all its own — it’s both a fresh start where anyone has the opportunity for greatness and a celebration of legends and a storied past that spans the centuries.


Little known fact, professional golfers make up a smaller percentage of the pga’s membership. This spot spoke to the rest of them – hospitality, instructors, groundskeepers, etc. – who make their lives in the sphere of golf.

Project Safe Neighborhood, Drugs

Project Safe Neighborhood is a nationwide initiative that identifies and addressed issues within the community — like Hawaii’s drug use and domestic abuse problems. These simple, impactful pair of spots illustrate the issue.

About Brooklyn
Print Advertising

Creative That Speaks To Your Audience

Orange County Boy Scouts of America

The Nemoi Creative Team developed a new branding and advertising campaign for the Orange County Scouts Organization. The main focus was a change that would include girls into the Scouts, expanding the groups target audience and potential membership. We are proud to be a part of this historic evolution that changed such a long honored organization.


Creative That Speaks To Your Audience,
Loyalty And Love For Your Brand.

Nemoi is certified as a minority-owned business with the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MINORITY SUPPLIER DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL. Our certified number is SC33422.

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